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Accurate diagnosis

Thanks to the examination appointed esophagogastroduodenoscopy, the doctor can make an accurate diagnosis of the esophagus by detecting the presence of esophagitis or gastritis. A fragment of the stomach tissue, if necessary, is taken to detect the presence of the bacterium Helycobacter Pylori, which is frequently the cause of gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer.

This examination is even more necessary in the event that someone in the family has had cancer of the esophagus and stomach. The risk of suffering from this disease is greater in people related to patients suffering from similar diseases.

How to prepare

The examination can be annoying, but it is not painful: the innovative technologies and conscious sedation allow you not to perceive pain but only a slight discomfort. It consists of introducing a flexible tube into the mouth for about 5 minutes.

The stomach will need to be empty, so patients are asked to fast for 7 hours prior to the exam, making treatment more precise and safer. After the examination, the patient may feel a slight sense of fullness by resuming eating normally: this sensation will disappear in a short time.

For reservations

The Digestive Endoscopy and Ecoendoscopy service of the Fornaca di Sessant Clinic, c.so Vittorio Emanuele II 91, Turin is entrusted to a team made up of some of the most experienced professionals in the sector. The activity of doctors is supported by the most modern equipment for carrying out diagnostic tests and operating procedures in sedation and general anesthesia.

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At the Fornaca di Sessant Clinic, a structure that does not have an agreement with the NHS and has a relationship with the main national insurance networks.

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